Getting hate from anons…

…because of telling people that it’s OK to have an opinion, whether it’s that you’re not OK with non-Who actors at Who cons, or that you are OK with it, but that’s it’s not OK to hate either way. Great job anons. You’re all proving my point. You’re over reacting and you’re being more hateful to fellow fans than anyone has been towards Lily.

So much over reacting…

…in these tags right now. It’s great that people are defending Lily and showing her love, but like, people were just saying that a Who con should be about Who. There’s nothing wrong with that. And that doesn’t mean anyone thinks it’s Lily’s “fault” or ”her suggestion” that she’s now an official guest. Or that anyone likes her any less, or “hates on her”. A lot of people, who are fans of Lily too, are just confused as to why a non-Who actor has suddenly become an official guest at a Who-only con. So please, calm down guys. No one is “trashing” or hating on Lily. Please don’t try to make people feel bad when they’ve done nothing wrong, ‘cause you’re just doing what you’re telling people not to do: “hating” on people for no reason. If you think it’s great she’ll be there: awesome. If you’re confused or don’t agree with it since she’s not an actor from Doctor Who: that’s fine, too.


I am so… confused about this Lily thing.


Like, fair enough she’s down under with her dude but… she’s not IN who…

Does anybody know if she’s just doing signings or will there be pics & Q&A too???

I thinks it’s kinda weird, too. I 100% get why she’s in Australia, but not why they’re including her in Whoniverse. It’s Whoniverse, not “Whoniverse and anyone who dates an actor that’s been in who". Cinderella has nothing to do with Doctor Who, so it makes no sense at all to have her as an official guest. I’d personally prefer if they kept Whoniverse ‘Doctor Who’ related only since it’s supposed to be a Doctor Who con, but oh well.

Side note before Lily’s fans start sending me hate: I’m one of you. I like Lily, I just don’t think it makes any sense at all to have Cinderella at a Doctor Who con.

Alex and Karen are now following each other on Instagram. I assume this means they’re still in touch. This make me very happy for some reason.