Joshua and Anna. How are they not married yet.

J: “As an actor, I’ve actually learned that the only way to do it, is to fall in love a bit.”
J: “I like laughing when I’m at work; I like falling in love with the girl. Maybe I’m just a big softie.”
J: “There’ll always be sexual tension between male and female friends – we’re animals after all, wired to accept each other on a sexual level at all times.”
A: “I think it’s just that intangible thing that just starts with pure attraction. Just you look at some one, and their smell and their nature… And I think that’s why it’s really difficult to say no to when some clearly likes you and you like them… I think it really kind of starts as a friendship. And they try… they try being friends. But it’s just a chemical in your genomes and they can’t help they’re attracted to each other. I think that’s how most relationships start actually.”
Seriously you two. SERIOUSLY?