imaeffinspacecadet answered your question: To people who think Matt and Daisy are back together: Why?

Why is it the business of anyone on Tumblr who Matt Smith dates? Your opinion doesn’t matter to him.

I have to reply to this…
A) Has anyone ever said that it matters to him? No. Not anyone I’ve seen in the Mattex tag anyway (which is where this was posted).
B) Why are you even in the Mattex tag if you don’t want to talk about these things?
To conclude: What relevance does you comment have to the post?: None.

Now, that said, of course he doesn’t bloody care. Why would he?! However, what a person posts on Tumblr is up to that person to decide, not you. Stay away if it bothers you! Personally, I made this post ‘cause some ppl were talking about Matt and Daisy being back together and I wanted to show them that there is nothing that actually says that they are. That’s it. No one is forcing you to read these posts, so again – if it bothers you just don’t! I really don’t see what the problem is?!