What Harry Potter Really means <3

What Harry Potter Really means <3

no. I can’t look at this.

I’m sorry, this is the one of the parts I could not take.


She was actually trying to be nice and help you and you fucking push her down?! NO. NO. NO

I love you Voldy, but that’s just not okay.

Seeing this in theatres made me think of the torture scene between her and Hermione. She was incredibly sadistic there, completely in charge, and ready to dominate. Then seeing this happen just makes her seem so innocent and defenceless, and it really shows that Voldemort is the only one she will actually fully show that side to. While I find it interesting to see her attempting to be nice and help the Dark Lord, you DO NOT touch Bellatrix unless she allows you to, you DO NOT push Bellatrix, you DO NOT shove Bellatrix to the ground unless you’re Rodolphus and you’re getting into some sort of S&M, and you most certainly DO NOT fucking kill Bellatrix. Under. Any. Circumstances.

That’s directed at you, Molly Weasley. Bitch.