That moment when you take a photo with Arthur Darvill, but you later take a new one because Billie Piper’s husband (Laurence Fox) kind of got in the way… (see first photo.) During the second time we took the pic I kept apologizing for the camera not wanting to cooperate. Ugh. He was SO cool about it though and just kept his arm around me while we fixed it. And yes, I died.. ASNIDPENFjekfbvfmdkolvdg. Amazing guy!
Also, Laurence wasn’t actually as much in the way as we originally thought. He ran past the camera as the flash went of but apparently it took two photos, so I have a good one from the first time (see second photo) + the one we took because we thought he got in the way (which is a bit blurry, see third photo). ADMEafkljsnrgjdfnfmiolkndmhoifkl.