Can we talk a a little more about the Kang article? I’m feeling crazy!!! Soulmates. Talking directly to shippers to remember it’s a long story… what does this mean?!?

She’s definitely saying Caryl isn’t dead. But who knows what the plans really are. Maybe it’s just a way to try and get people to keep watching, or maybe she’s actually planning an endgame for them. Time will tell. The question is, will the show even survive long enough for us to find out…?

I could be completely wrong here… but as much as I hate C/E pairing an I mean HATE it, the actors seem to be portraying this lacklustre thing deliberately! Yes, it’s honouring the comics in a way, but we also needed something that was going to boot Daryl’s ass into realising and coming to terms with his feelings for Carol. There needed to be a catalyst for this and NOT a deathbed confession, but a realisation of some kind. So IMO Car23kiel is killing a few birds with one stone. Hopefully?

One can only hope.


I hate that even something positive like admitting C&D are soulmates still makes me wary and side-eye the show. Every part of me screams that Caryl is the only thing that makes sense. Twd however, doesn’t always make any sense. So can’t let myself believe in anything! I do love knowing Norman has issues with CE! I hoped he would as he & Mel are so very close, it must be weird seeing her with a new screen partner and of course the kissing! Maybe his red carpet comment wasn’t quite so throwaway?


What’s going on with Norman? For 8 seasons he has avoided acting like he wants Daryl with Carol and has done everything to keep every fangirls happy, while playing both sides. Now he’s calling JDM to express his unhappiness with Carol kissing Ezekiel and making comments like he’s a bit on the jealous side and now wants Caryl to happen. So, do you think something shifted for him and he is genuinely Team Caryl now or is this a carefully orchestrated plan to keep us Carylers holding on to hope?

Everything from Talking Dead made me feel like he’s team Caryl – like he always has been. (Or team keep them both single for now but have them pining for each other knowing they belong together… which is also team Caryl…), Anyway, I disagree that he’s been avoiding acting like he wants Daryl with Carol. He’s always said he wouldn’t mind it happening. People tend to focus on the times he’s said he likes the way Daryl is already (single), but what they forget is that just as often he adds that while he wouldn’t mind Daryl staying single, he also wouldn’t mind Daryl and Carol happening. So I think he’s still on the same side he’s always been, and I do think he has at least a little bit of an issue with Carol and Ezekiel. It just very much seemed so during the whole TD episode; like he thinks Carol is Daryl’s girl (which he has actually said quite a few times in the past), and I got the feeling Melissa was feeling the same way – both in what they both said during TD, in the way they physically kept being all over each other (way above what they normally are) and because she
recently admitted to (as a viewer) seeing the same connection between Daryl and Carol that the Carylers see

BTW, did anyone catch Norman poking Melissa at the end? It looked like he was trying to tickle her.


I have to admit that it “seems” like Daryl is bummed about Carol and zeke. It would be an awesome storyline if Carol was confused and even took the kings ring but obviously still felt things about Daryl but she still can’t be with Daryl because she loves him too much. Just like why she left Alexandria. Don’t see how this is all going to work. It almost makes it seem like this scene shows she didn’t say yes partly because of Daryl. ??‍♀️ Will be interesting to hear MMBs take on it.

I’m convinced they have to say “oh Carol and Ezekiel are super happy together” because of contract. After all, that’s the story they’re oficially trying to sell apparently. Like I said, it makes no sense that they’re telling two very different stories for Carol in the same episode. And Daryl’s reaction literally makes no sense if he doesn’t have feelings for her. Based on spoilers they’re taking the Carol and Ezekiel path for way too long, but again – what’s the end goal with that? Is it just a plot point during season 9 to put Carol in a specific place? Or maybe to put Daryl in a specific place? It’ll be interesting to see if I decide to keep watching.

Oh and what does Carol say to Zeke when he proposes?

Carol says “don’t” before he even asks, but after he asks she says:
Carol: Put that thing away. It’ll snag on everything, and I told you not to ask me that.
Ezekiel: I know.
Carol: Especially after something like this. And this is not happening on a horse. [it’s after he almost dies and they’re on horses]
Ezekiel: *laughs* I love you, and I always will. I’ll keep this ‘til you’re ready.
Carol: *silent – doesn’t say anything back*